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Verbatim has been a part of the storage media technology for over 50 years. Sold in over 120 countries, these first-class products are characterised by quality and reliability. The wide range of products extends from memory cards and external hard drives to CDs, Blue-Rays and, of course, USB sticks.

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50 years of experience

Pioneer in data protection

The company was founded in 1969 and has revolutionised the storage media market ever since. Literally translated, Verbatim means "word for word", which is also the company's principle. The error-free and flawless backup of data has top priority here. The company has come a long way in this respect. Starting with floppy disks, via magneto-optical storage to today's storage media such as external hard drives and USB sticks, Verbatim has been represented in almost every segment of data backup. High standards, great compatibility and reliability characterise the products.


Actions for our environmental protection

Verbatim places great emphasis on environmental protection. By using environmentally friendly materials in the production of the products as well as in the packaging, they reduce their CO2 footprint. By using CO2-neutral transport services that are powered by electricity as well as natural gas, transport emissions are reduced. In addition, they rely on energy-efficient warehouses in Europe that are subject to international standards.

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USB sticks

Small companions for high data protection

Whether from smartphone or PC: homework, pictures or presentations can be safely and easily stored on USB sticks from Verbatim - so you are prepared for all eventualities.

Ideal for on the road

External hard drives for even more storage

They are the ideal companion for on the go - the external storage media are small, compact and extremely light on top of that. They fit easily into any laptop bag and are also equipped with SSD storage. With their stylish design, the external hard drives are also nice to look at.

Multiport hubs

This makes the workplace even more flexible

THE partner for laptops: The multiport hubs offer you many possibilities to connect external devices to your PC. Thanks to the many connections, you can connect USB sticks, external monitors and much more to your notebook.

Protection against data abuse

Data backup and data archiving

Regular backups protect against accidental and malicious data loss, hardware failures as well as viruses and human error or theft - because the backups can be used to restore the original file.

A simple step to reduce data theft is to use encrypted devices. Encryption breaks up the data so that only someone with the correct code or key can read it.

Tips for the perfect data backup:

  • Save three copies of your data
  • Store these copies on at least two different media
  • Keep a copy in another place
  • Use encrypted storage media

Contact us, we will be happy to advise you on which Verbatim storage media best suits your customer requirements.

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