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Digital products are omnipresent and make our lives easier when we want to save data, listen to music or experience computer games in the best quality. We have top brands like Skullcandy, Trust, SBS, MediaRange, Wedo and many more in stock for you. Whenever you buy something in this product segment, you have to consider many crucial factors in order to meet the needs of your customers. We will be very happy to answer any questions you may have.

Brands at UFP Austria:

  • MediaRange
  • SBS
  • Skullcandy
  • Trust
  • and many more...
UFP Austria has everything in stock.

We offer a wide range of accessories for computers and telecommunication.

  • Cooling stands for Trust notebooks
  • Trust controllers, wireless / wired gamepads, rubber skins and many more
  • Styluses from SBS, Trust and WEDO
  • Headphones and headsets from SBS, Skullcandy, Trust
  • Hubs and boards from MediaRange and Trust
  • Cables from SBS and Trust
  • Card readers from MediaRange, SanDisk and Trust
  • Speakers from Logitech, MediaRange, SBS, Skullcandy, Trust
  • Steering wheels from Trust
  • Microphones from Trust
  • Mouse, mousepads and keyboards from Logitech, MediaRange and Trust
  • Power supplies from Brother, HP, MediaRange, SBS and Trust
  • Powerbanks from MediaRange, SBS and Trust
  • Laser pointers and pens (interactive pen, touchpad Presenter) from Canon, Epson, Logitech and Trust
  • Selfie sticks from MediaRange, SBS and Trust
  • Gaming chairs from Trust
  • Data storage devices from MediaRange, SanDisk, SBS and Verbatim
  • Ergonomic keyboards from Bakker Elkhuizen
  • Transport and protection: Screen protection, holders, bags/cases (notebook carry case, smartphone cases and many more)
  • Webcams from Logitech and Trust

High-quality products in the field of digital storage technology

For more than ten years, MediaRange GmbH has stood for innovative high-quality products that have received awards from the trade press in the field of digital storage technology and office supply. The products have received awards from renowned computer magazines such as c't and ComputerBILD, among other things. MediaRange's mission statement includes not only a high-quality portfolio but also comprehensive customer service.


Accessories with Italian charm

SBS was founded in the province of Novara in 1994 and is an international reference point in the field of accessories for smartphones and tablets. SBS products are characterized by their imaginative design that gives away their Italian origin. They stand out with creative and innovative solutions that meet the various requirements of the market. Their innovative approach helped SBS to develop a variety of accessories. The company started out with protective cases for smartphones. Now they also offer accessories for sports, gaming, audio and photography.

We offer the following SBS products:

  • Headphones, headsets
  • Loudspeakers, cables
  • Power banks, chargers
  • Mobile phone protection

THE trendsetter with quality and style

Skullcandy Inc. is an American company based in Park City, Utah. The company was founded by Rick Alden in a chairlift in Park City. Today, Skullcandy has a global, colorful, stylish and powerful “high-volume” presence. Scullcandy links sports, music, youth culture, art, film and fashion and aims to inspire people to reach their full potential through music.

You can find these Skullcandy product categories at our store:

  • Headphones
  • Headsets
  • Power banks

Affordable accessories for the digital lifestyle

Trust International B.V. is a Dutch corporate group based in Dordrecht.

Trust is the leading brand for affordable accessories for the digital lifestyle. Trust is a global company with local sales teams and excellent service to satisfy your needs and expectations. Trust offers suitable products for tablets, desktop computers, laptops, gaming, smartphones and TV sets. The products are stylish, user-friendly and affordable.

You can purchase the following TRUST products from us:

  • Cooling stands, controllers
  • Styluses, headphones, hubs
  • Joysticks, mice
  • Gaming keyboards, gaming chairs, microphones and many more.
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