1. September 2022

Clean and healthy air, all day long

Qooxoo air purifier in three different sizes

We spend most of our time indoors, where pollutants, bad smells, bacteria and viruses are more concentrated than outdoors.

Do you and your customers appreciate a pleasant indoor climate?
Get the QXPure air purifiers at a special price now.


QXPure air purifiers not only filter, but also destroy viruses and bacteria efficiently (including COVID-19 viruses).
They filter plant pollen, mould spores and house dust and are therefore ideally suited for allergy sufferers.
No danger from harmful UV radiation and ozone.

This is how it works:
The air purifiers from QooXoo use an innovative silver/copper anion technology, which destroys viruses and germs in a gentle way. In addition, an activated carbon filter absorbs unpleasant smells such as smoke.

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