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Social commitment is a must inside and outside the company building!

UFP Austria supports a variety of projects such as Lebenshilfe OÖ, Elshadai Wukrokinder and Ein Lächeln für Kinder. Nowadays, social commitment can no longer be taken for granted. Charity is mostly based on the actions of volunteers.

Ivonne Mayr-Hagn: "We invest time and money in projects that serve a good purpose. We are convinced that our support makes the world a little better - and we are happy to be part of these communities."

Projects we support:

  • Ein Lächeln für Kinder / A smile for children
  • Elshadai Wukrokinder / Wukro children
  • Lebenshilfe Oberösterreich
Elshadai – Wukro children in Ethiopia.

A new home, education and primary health care for orphans!

For more than 25 years, this Children's Village has given Ethiopian orphans a new home. 160 children are provided with an accommodation, warm meals, an education, primary health care and they are looked after in a caring and loving way. Elshadai is the surrogate family for the Wukro children. The children receive all the support they need for their future social and professional life.

Ivonne Mayr-Hagn: "It is very nice for us to be part of this great project and to see the fast development of the orphanage!"

Lebenshilfe Mondsee.

Fun, joy and commitment while doing good together!

The Lebenshilfe Oberösterreich was founded in Vöcklabruck in 1969 and supports the self-determination and integration of people with (multiple) developmental/mental and physical disabilities. Currently the Lebenhilfe OÖ cares for, accompanies and supports about 1,600 people with (multiple) developmental/mental and physical disabilities in more than 80 facilities: Early learning initiatives, family support, kindergartens, after-school care, work / employment and housing/accommodation.

Ivonne Mayr-Hagn: "We have already implemented several projects in cooperation with the Lebenshilfe OÖ in Mondsee. We are proud to make a small contribution to the inclusion of people with disabilities. We are always happy to have the Lebenshilfe in our company. For us, the work here is daily routine. For the people from Lebenshilfe Oberösterreich in Mondsee it is a welcome change from their everyday work in the workshop. It's always a great pleasure to see how much fun everyone has."

Ein Lächeln für Kinder.

Support for families and children in need

Ein Lächeln für Kinder is a non-profit children's charity based in Mattighofen in the district of Braunau am Inn, dedicated to supporting children and families around the world. The charity is aware of diversity and always acts impartially. The association is an independent, non-profit organization that supports charitable associations.

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